Green Perfumes: The Energising scent

The green perfumes are just perfect for the spring-summer period when the weather is hot and we want not only to feel summery but to sense the smell of these two splendid seasons.

The notes that are normally used to compose the green perfumes are used from aromatherapists as well, to stimulate and revive the senses. A spritz from the green liquid would make you feel instantly more energised and clear-headed. Once you happen to use such a fragrance you will surely fall in love with it. There is something magical in the green perfumes, they definitely open the senses so as to give way to exciting things to happen.

Here are five fragrance to try now.


Aura Mugler Green Perfume

Launched in 2017, Aura Mugler is woody aromatic fragrance for women, which invites you to reconnect with your inner nature and to unleash all your femininity and your aura. By blending floral freshness with feline sensuality, the fragrance releases vibrant notes with an assertive personality. The fragrance comes in an iconic bottle shaped like a universal symbol — the heart, the very source of life and the realm of the emotions.


MONTBLANC Green Perfume

Lady Emblem L’Eau is a floral, fruity fragrance, launched in 2017. It features top notes of mandarin, lemon, pear; heart notes of rose Essence, peach, lychee; and base notes of musk, cashmeran and cedar. The fragrance is inspired by the scent of a summer garden and is an allegory to a poetic, summertime stroll in a garden of fresh roses.  The Lady Emblem L’Eau jewel bottle takes on a subtil fresh green shade, embodying the floral, sparkling and vibrant vitality of this new scent.


Givenchy eau de Green Perfume

The new fragrance is a citrus scent with floral and musk undertones, and will be available from May 2018. Eau de Givenchy is summery scent with notes of orange blossom, sea breeze and a bunch of citrus fruits, such as bergamot, mandarin, lemon and orange, along with greenery, all based on woods and musk.  The perfume comes in a nice bottle reminiscent to purity and simplicity.


chanel eau Green Perfume

A fresh, sparkling floral expression of CHANCE — a surge of energy that sweeps you into a whirlwind of happiness and fantasy. The fragrance is composed of citron, soft jasmine and vibrant teak wood.


viktorandrolf sage spell Green Perfume

In 2017, the fashion house Viktor & Rolf launched exclusive niche-like collection of fragrances called MAGIC COLLECTION. As part of Viktor & Rolf’s MAGIC COLLECTION, the Sage Spell is a bitter and zesty fragrance of pink grapefruit, pink pepper, pepermint, wormwood, patchouli and sage.